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Use GenAI to drive a 30% decrease in your medical LAE.

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GenAI meets Claims

Examiner teams just got whole lot better


Medical Claim Guidance

We bridge the medical knowledge gap that leads to higher Loss, LAE, offshore medical staff, and costly errors. With recommendations on medical steerage, timing on additional requests, and accurate price estimations, every one of your adjusters can now be your best adjuster.


External Data Augmentation

Get access to both external and proprietary data sets so you can get a full view of your claim, provider, payer, and claimant. Detailed pricing data, provider details, as well as cross-referenced medical histories supports better decision-making and more efficient claims processing.


Claim Data Cleaning

Efficient claims management starts with accurate data. Our data module will comb through your CMS and detect missing fields, incorrect prices, and mismatched fields. Since this is an ongoing process, we price each error so you can prioritize fixing the most costly ones.

Everyone wins

By aligning incentives we can drive prices down.


Identify fair out-of-network prices based on data. Integrate modules to continuously decrease your LAE costs and litigation exposure.


Validate your medical expenses to provide better care for a better price. Care Navigation only sweetens the deal.

Brokers and TPAs

Increase your customer's satisfaction with automated savings and cutting-edge analytics.


Ensure adherence to protocol and compliance to achieve competitive pricing on your specific and aggregate coverage.