We are thrilled to announce our partnership with GigaML to bring fine tuned LLMs to enterprise.




Your company is overpaying at least $700/employee on health expenses.

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Engineering meets Benefits

Lower medical expenses, decrease risk, and retain your talent.


Medical Bill Reviews

Automatically analyze every hospital bill with no minimum requirement. We find an average of 30% savings from duplicate billing or unnecessary care. And because it's automated, we do it before you pay so you are not at a disadvantage.


Claims Auditing

Most of your healthcare expenses come from only a few recurring claims. Mano audits your entire claims history so you can find these costs and get recommendations on how to minimize them.


Pharmacy Savings

Pharmacy is the easiest way to save. You are probably spending 300% more on name-brand prescription drugs. Leverage price transparency data to ensure your employees get the cheapest option delivered straight to their homes.


Invoice Automation

Your benefits advisor should not be making mistakes tracking pricing schedules, billing mechanisms, and individual invoices. Use Mano's automated Accounts Payable technology to pre-approve payment rails and take care of very invoice.

A New Model

Cheaper, Better, and Faster by combining engineering, claims, and benefits under one roof.


Enhance care choices to reduce expenses from losses and improve patient results.


Identify potentially expensive claims early and act to reduce the number of indemnity days paid by over a week.


Gain insights into the effectiveness of your defense panel and reduce the expenses and effects of claims involving attorneys.


Leverage our team to plan for any upcoming procedures or treatments.

You are in good company

Valentin Perez
Cheif Executive Officer
Mano has transformed how easily we can access our data. In our specific use case, we can save thousands of dollars per employee, finding them price-competitive care and Rx. A game-changer for savings with zero effort. We feel safer knowing  engineers work alongside HR to drive better outcomes for cheaper.
Since implementing Mano, we have seen a 34% reduction in overbilling and a drastic improvement in knowledge of our benefits performance. We're excited to start piloting their LLM-powered plan recommendations to make it easier on HR. No more complex pivot tables or data analytics, Mano just gives you the actions to take and backs it up with clear data. I got don't get pushback from my finance team anymore!
Saunon Malekshahi
Chief Operating Officer
We've been using Mano for 3 months and it is now blatantly clear just how much we were getting over-billed. We've streamlined our plan analytics, invoice processing, and care navigation to a fully seamless process. We are now able to affordably analyze spend with clear ROI for everyone involved. I'm so happy our Broker recommended them!
Daniel Lobaton
Chief of Staff
I've always found it crazy that HR and Benefits lack great analytics. I was so happy to hear that I pay a flat fee per employee and get a top-tier engineering and finance team to manage our benefits performance. Now, my benefits champions can focus on what they do best: making sure our employees are getting adequate care, and my finance team has all the data they need.
Mano's LLM-based healthcare savings and medical proclaims processor has led to a 24% reduction in claims processing time. I'm excited to get more pilots of their AI-powered recommendations to simplify our healthcare expenditure management. They provide straightforward insights backed by clear data, leading to better decision-making.