Pre-approve payment and take care of very invoice.

Health Care Specific

Pre-configured code sets & reimbursement payment policies/scenarios with auto-updates, built for payment integrity.


An intuitive, easy-to-write rules scripting language that empowers all Domain Users with more control, removes technical dependency, and increases speed.


Integrated Rules Library Management System with Workflow, Audit & Exception Management

What sets us apart from the competition.

We know there are a lot of Chrome Plugins, here's why we're the best

Enterprise Grade

Engineer features in your benefit and claims department

HRIS Integration

Integrate with your HRIS to ensure that your employee is active and not under Cobra.

Preventative Actions

Our AI Models will draft a recommended next step depending on the invoice.

Litigation Risk Assessment

Tackle your riskiest invoice first, and sleep soundly knowing you did right by your employee and insurance.

Market Data

Get the breadth of data that takes your Broker months to compile but custom, for every invoice.

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